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    Help your employees maintain a balance between personal and professional responsibilities.

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    Corporate employees can find the most suitable services to help their senior family members.


    About EldersIndia

    EldersIndia is a unique initiative bringing corporates, employees, their senior family members and service providers under one platform with an aim to:

    • Improve the quality of life of elders
    • Help corporate employees manage their responsibilities towards elderly family members
    • Assist corporates to support employees in the workplace

    The well-being of senior citizens is a critical aspect of today’s times. If children of elders are working full time, there are even more complexities involved. The struggle of these adults to divide time and attention between personal and professional life indirectly affects the corporate. And this cycle continues until there’s a unified solution addressing the critical aspect – Senior Care.

    Our Distinguishing Feature

    Single platform offering a broad array of services for senior citizens, from home healthcare to personal safety, wealth management to socialisation.
    Value addition experience for corporates, employees, senior citizens and service providers; all brought together on one platform.

    Our Comprehensive Offerings

    A Seamless Process

    Our comprehensive four-stage plan makes the entire eldercare process easier. This seamless flow structure enables employees to take care of their elderly family members needs in a hassle-free manner.

    Customised Dashboard For Each Stakeholder

    There is a separate dashboard for corporates, employees, senior citizens and partners; tailor-made to meet their respective needs.

    Eldercare at your fingertips

    Check and select the most suitable senior care service provider out of multiple options within just a few clicks.

    What our customers are saying?

    It was really a smooth process arranging for a helper through Elders India. All the folks involved in the process were really helpful and professional. Great work!!
    Shantam Mittal
    I am extremely grateful to EldersIndia for the quality of service that I have received. Although I was initially struggling to find good quality help in caring for a family member with dementia, I was aided immediately, after only one day’s notice. I am looking forward to availing more of your services soon.
    Atoshi Shyam
    Sarjapur, Bengaluru
    The service is very hassle free. Especially for employees like us who are busy with work. You just have to spend some time and engage with the platform and then you can rely on the executive they take it forward from there and it’s very smooth. Kind of hectic lifestyle that we live in, such platforms are really going to help. One of my routine jobs was to get medicines for my mom and send it across to her place. It was a hectic process and used to get delayed a lot. Now, with EldersIndia, I just give the request from my office (Bangalore) and she gets her medicines at the doorstep.
    There are a lot of people like us who are working away from our home and our concern about our parents is mandate. You can’t be available for them all the time, right! This is something EldersIndia was able to act upon. I have quite a few people who are super interested in this now and this is the first time actually used this platform. I went ahead showed it to my mom and she was like ok, let’s go ahead with this.
    Dritiman Powar
    The App is very much user friendly, self explanatory, any elderly care services and elderly health services which you need are self explanatory in the app itself. One can easily navigate through without any trouble. I would say EldersIndia is like an extended family to us who took care of our granny & in our absence. 100% sure I have already referred to couple of my friends