Yoga – You’re Never Too Old To Start!

How yoga can turn back the clock?

Yoga is a scientific method which deals with every aspect of an individual – a holistic approach. Regular and dedicated application of yoga techniques removes the underlying cause of many ailments and diseases because it has the following effects…

What does the word ‘yoga’ mean to you? If we think we are too old to do something, what do we really mean by ‘too old’? Is age really anything to do with the number of years that have passed since our birth into the world? What do we really see when we look at a person and decide whether they are young or old? It is having many of the characteristics of youth which makes us ‘young’ or having many of the characteristics of age that makes us ‘old’, not chronological age. A properly planned yoga program, if followed with sincere and regular application, will reverse the characteristics of age and give you a new lease of life.