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Frequently Asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the services provided by EldersIndia?

EIdersIndia platform provides a wide range of services like Healthcare, Elderly assistance, Emergency response, Safety and Security, Recreational activities, Wealth Management& networking or socialization. For detailed information of these services, you can refer to What We Offer section on the website.

2. What safety measures do you take to protect employee’s data?

EldersIndia follows top-rate data security measures to protect PII (Personally Identifiable Information). The data collected from you is encrypted, and our Cloud Services Provider assures its security.

We are using one of the best class cloud service providers who leverage the following:

  • Network firewalls built into VPC (virtual private cloud) and web application firewall capabilities in private networks, and controlled access to instances and applications

 • Encryption in transit with TLS (transport layer security) across all services

3. What if a service is not available in a particular location?

EldersIndia has a pan-India presence. In an event when certain services are not present in a particular location, EldersIndia would either work with an existing provider to extend services to select location or induct a new service provider available in that particular location.

4. How do you select service providers?

EIdersIndia only empanels established service providers with a strong track record and with on-the-ground presence in the city. EIdersIndia curates high-quality service providers and regularly monitor customer feedback and user ratings after the onboarding.

5. What type of reports would the Corporates receive?

The reports that corporates would receive include periodic (monthly or customized reports containing information such as the number of enrollments/ registration of your employees, trending and non-trending services, new services onboarded, location wise coverage, etc.

6. Can I request for a demo?

Yes, we would be more than happy to give you a demo. You can contact us at support@eldersindia.com.

7. What platforms EldersIndia is available on?

EldersIndia has a dedicated website for each its stakeholders. Along with desktop,  we also have an APP for both Android and IOS version.

8. Are these services only available through a corporate tie up?

Yes, we provide services only to those who’s Corporates (employers) have signed up with EldersIndia.

9. Does EldersIndia offer these services directly?

No. EldersIndia aggregates all service providers on the platform. EldersIndia only facilitates the delivery of services from providers to users.

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