Frequently Asked questions

What are the services provided by EldersIndia?

EIdersIndia platform provides a wide range of services like Healthcare, Elderly assistance, Emergency response, Safety and Security, Recreational activities, Wealth Management& networking or socialization. For detailed information of these services, you can refer to What We Offer section on the website.

How do you select service providers?

EIdersIndia only empanels established service providers with a strong track record and with on-the-ground presence in the city. EIdersIndia curates high-quality service providers and regularly monitor customer feedback and user ratings after the onboarding.

What safety measures do you take to protect employee’s data?

EldersIndia follows top-rate data security measures to protect PII (Personally Identifiable Information). The data collected from you is encrypted, and our Cloud Services Provider assures its security.

We are using one of the best class cloud service providers who leverage the following:

  • Network firewalls built into VPC (virtual private cloud) and web application firewall capabilities in private networks, and controlled access to instances and applications

 • Encryption in transit with TLS (transport layer security) across all services

What type of reports would the Corporates receive?

The reports that corporates would receive include periodic (monthly or customized reports containing information such as the number of enrollments/ registration of your employees, trending and non-trending services, new services onboarded, location wise coverage, etc.

What if a service is not available in a particular location?

EldersIndia has a pan-India presence. In an event when certain services are not present in a particular location, EldersIndia would either work with an existing provider to extend services to select location or induct a new service provider available in that particular location.

Can I request for a demo?

Yes, we would be more than happy to give you a demo. You can contact us at

What platforms EldersIndia is available on?

EldersIndia has a dedicated website for each its stakeholders. Along with desktop,  we also have an APP for both Android and IOS version.

Are these services only available through a corporate tie up?

Yes, we provide services only to those who’s Corporates (employers) have signed up with EldersIndia.

Does EldersIndia offer these services directly?

No. EldersIndia aggregates all service providers on the platform. EldersIndia only facilitates the delivery of services from providers to users.

How can I book a service on the platform?

  • Register by providing some necessary details such as name & communication details. Add a senior member of your family who is in need to avail the service
  • Choose the service category from our dashboard Select the service required based on your preferred date and time.
  • Pay online or by cash upon completion of the service.

Can I use the platform for others apart from my parents?

Our platform has no restrictions as far as the number of users is concerned. Anyone in your family, including ‘you’ can use our platform and avail our comprehensive offerings. All you need to do is add the user on our platform, and you or the user directly can book the service.

What if a service I need is not available on the platform?

EldersIndia aims to cater to maximum number of corporate employees and senior citizens with a wide range of services and product. We regularly review location-based service providers to be able to offer you as many options as possible. In case of unavailability of a particular service, we encourage you towrite to us and make the most of our open feedback facility. We will try our best to find the most suitable solution.

How do I provide feedback on the services?

EldersIndia platform encourages and values your feedback on any service availed. You can share your honest views on the website or through app. If you have any query regarding a particular facility you can escalate the query and our resourceful Support team/ service desk will be happy to assist you to resolve the queries.

My Elderly dependents are not well equipped with the technology today, can they avail services over the call?

EldersIndia offers you a simplified app with an age-friendly user interface. We have a customised app for senior citizens where they can login independently. This app is designed by taking special needs of elderly into account so that they avail services without any hassle.

In addition, we will do our best to help the elders avail services. We will  conduct some training to ensure easy self-service which can be initiated by the sponsor (viz. corporate employee) and only certain emergency services may need to be availed directly by the elders using the mobile phone App.

In exceptional cases, we can raise a service request on their behalf over a call. Still, as mentioned, on-going training and usage will ensure that the elder will not face any challenges with using the platform.

My parents and I live in different cities, can we still avail services in the equally easy manner?

We have partnered with some of the national players. They are available in some of the major cities apart from Bangalore. We have listed the cities on our platform where these services can be availed.

What are the different services I can avail?

EIdersIndia platform provides easy access to multiple services like healthcare, safety and security solutions, emergency and assistance related services, wealth management, travel and recreation, and social network, a facility connecting all elders registered with EldersIndia.

Why I should use EldersIndia instead of individual service providers?

EldersIndia brings various service providers, across India, in one place. Having every needed service aggregated on one platform will save you considerable time. And since the pricing offered on EldersIndia is at par or below the walk-in prices on service provider websites, you will not have to pay any additional cost.

Do I have to pay any extra amount to avail these services?

No you don’t have to pay any extra or premium charges. EldersIndia has a tie-up with a wide range of service providers and your son/daughter’s employer. In fact, when you avail select services on our platform, you will receive a promotional code that will enable the standard corporate discount applicable. Additionally, in case of any promotional event or occasion, we would send you details and reminders of special offers and discounts.

How different are your travel packages from what is offered by tour planners or large travel companies?

Standard tour packages club together travellers of all age groups with little or no customization. Whereas EldersIndia has curated travel partners who offer customized tour packages which meet elders’ need and comfort.

Will EldersIndia provide assistance with regional language support, e.g. Kannada, Hindi, etc.?

Our service desk will do our best to understand your request and provide assistance in the most comprehensive manner. However, if you have specific requirement regarding language/ cultural background of the nursing attendants, physiotherapist or home healthcare service provider this request can be mentioned at the time of booking the service and we will that the service provider makes all efforts to meet your requirements.

Is it possible to carry forward recurring service/package if unused in one year to the next?

No, unused services in a package will lapse at the end of the year.

What kind of support EldersIndia will provide in case of poor quality service from the service provider?

EIdersIndia onboards only established service providers with a having strong track record. So we do not expect you to encounter issues with the quality of service provided. However, in case there are specific lapses and these are brought to our attention with details, we will do a joint investigation on the problem and have a root cause analysis done to provide you timely feedback. In case the services were wholly deficient, we will explore options to rectify as necessary.